​​​​​​From the streets of Brooklyn, a Raw Diamond was born; better known as Jay Valentin.  He spent most of his childhood learning life’s lessons from the borough's mean streets.  Surrounded by a surfeit of temptation, he turned to music and writing.  Coming from a talented family, his mother who played music everyday also loved to write poetry and sing.  Music was always a part of his culture and upbringing.  Jay’s father grew up during the breakdance era, a major component of the hip-hop culture and exposed Jay to the collection of music on vinyl, and turntables he would use to spin.  Inspired by his uncle who was an up and coming writer and performer, a strong influence in Jay’s life.   It was clear to see why Jay’s passion to write and love for music was his life.  Music ran in his blood. 

Jay began his career at the age of 13.  He was forced to grow up fast. Seeing his parents struggle, he quickly discovered what hard times were like.  Jay would lock himself in a small room with nothing but a boom box listening to Big Pun, Notorious Big, Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, and Nas.  Early on, he discovered the art of writing as an outlet to express his thoughts and emotions.  When Jay Valentin picked up a pen and began writing down all his pain and struggles on paper, what he calls "poetry converted to rap”, it was simply a form of relieving stress.  However, this soon became his primary outlet for his self-expression. To date, Jay Valentin has written well over 500 songs.  

Jay Valentin tells a real life tale of what every adolescent growing up in hardship goes through. He’s lived a life of pain and adversity and has finally achieved success and happiness.  “From the Bottom Up” is the motto he uses to define his life and beliefs. We all have our own struggles and obstacles to overcome and Jay Valentin is an example of how your work ethic impacts impediments in life.  He has since established his own record label “Raw Diamond Music” (RDM). Jay Valentin has collaborated with Grammy winning billboard producer and artist Sam Trocki on the song entitled "Something About You.”  He has also been co-signed by the "Godfather of Hip-Hop" Afrika Bambaataa after his work on "Rock That Body" and "Breathe", with legendary producer and musician Steven "Boogie” Brown.  Jay Valentin is a true artist and his songwriting talent is rare, raw, and creative.  He was referred to as a “great writer” by Steven “Boogie” Brown while working on songs during a studio session. They met through radio personality, Rosie G. Galvez.  Jay Valentin has also worked with hit producer David Venom since 2006, releasing four mixtapes together… “The Real Music Movement”, “Hip Hop’s Alive”, “Raw Diamond”, and Jay’s digital project “Pain & Heartbreak” #LoveKillsOrPainWill.  This release is one of his grander works; with his own genre creation that Jay Valentin calls “Soul-Hop.”  Jay's latest singles "God Willin" & "Rollin" have gained national and worldwide success, making him one of the top artists to follow in 2016.

Jay Valentin aspires to build his empire and distinguishing his RDM brand in competing markets.  Among his initial projects are: establishing a music community for the young and creative entrepreneurs and giving back to the youth. Aside from selling thousands of units, Jay Valentin has recently launched his new RDM apparel collection, and will soon expand to feature luxury jewelry for men & women.  

Jay Valentin is also known worldwide… Mr. International.  Fans follow him from the depths of the United States, Asia, and throughout the United Kingdom.  He aims to collaborate with other artists, write and perform globally.  He is grateful to his true fans, “my main supporters.”  He looks forward to continue inspiring and motivating them through his music.